The best times to move house

When looking to move house here are a few tips you might need!

The best days of the week to move are during the middle week — from Monday to Thursday — most people plan their moves for the weekend. When they are not working. This is especially true with do-it-yourself movers who rent their own vans.

Try to avoid moving on a weekend (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). The reason being most people tend to move on weekends when they are not working. That means movers already have plenty of reservations on those days, so you’ll have a difficult time reserving a haulage company. Even if you make the reservation ahead of time you’ll be paying more than you would on other less popular days.

The best day of the month to move is mid month (on or around the 15th). There are typically no major holidays during that time. Fewer people moving means better prices and more services & supplies available to you when you need them most.

The worst day of the month to move is on the 1st of the month. This is typically when everyone else will want to move. Most people try to make the most of their money by living out their lease until the last day.vHowever, if you move a week early, you will save money by getting a better deal on your moving supplies and a haulage van.

If you can move during the winter, when few people are moving, you will save the most money and have the most resources available to you. However, the choice is all yours.

Be different and go against the grain, it will work in your favour!