Gardening Tips For All Year Round!

1 If you’re looking for colour inspiration in the garden, think about the colours you already enjoy in the house before heading to the garden centre.

2 To help the garden look good all year round, plant plenty of evergreens and supplement these with perennials that will come back year after year.

3 Maintenance doesn’t need to be a chore. Weed-suppressant membranes put down in borders, which you can cut and plant through, will keep them tidy all year round with zero maintenance.

4 Don’t be afraid of artificial lawns. If your lifestyle does not give the time to spare to mow, there are some remarkably good artificial options on the market.

5 Nourish gardens and containers with time-release fertilisers that continue feeding plants for long periods.

6 Freshening up your outdoor space by washing down old and weary-looking garden furniture and giving it a fresh coat of paint can help transform a garden.

7 Add fresh mulch to your borders every year to keep weeds down and help the soil retain water, so you can water less.

8 Don’t let the decisions you made last year restrict you now: you can always move things around and replant and repaint if you have changed your mind.

9 If you can get out in the garden after a heavy shower, the weeds will put up much less resistance. Even deep-rooted dandelions pull up easily from wet soil.

10 Wait to prune evergreens, such as boxwood, until they’ve produced most of their new growth. That way you won’t have to tackle them again until next year.

Information provided by The Telegraph