Socialising, Studying, and Students

Moving away from home for the first time can sometimes require you to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. One of the hardest but important hurdles of being a student is finding a balance between your academic and social life.

Being presented with this new found freedom can be very challenging, especially if you struggle with self-discipline. It can be quite tempting to use your time at university to focus on the ‘student’ experience, but cultivating some good work practices now will set you up for future success.

Benefits of Breakout & Communal Space within your Student Accommodation

It is important to set aside some relaxation time or short ten minute breaks when studying. Taking breaks and doing something completely different allows the brain time to absorb the information and reduces stress levels.

Modern student accommodation provides entertainment, communal and fitness facilities which allows students to manage time more effectively by having all amenities in one area. The ability to have the option of break out space to play pool with friends, or retreat to study is not one which requires a lot of time nor effort. The convenience of having such facilities can help students with their time management.

The Importance of a Dedicated Study Space

A study space minimises the stress of having to physically go to the library and find that perfect spot that isn’t too noisy, too quite or too crowded.

Having a dedicated study area prompts your brain to get in the zone. It’s vital for student to have a recognised space for the sole purpose of studying. This will minimise the time it takes them to focus and leave less room for distractions to occur. Having a separate environment for work allows the brain to associate and identify that room with studying.

University is an experience like no other, and the key to enjoying every aspect of student life is finding a happy medium between your social and academic life. Focusing on one while alienating the other isn’t advisable for anyone. The last thing you want to do is allow one to negatively affect the other. If you manage to attain a nice balance between the two you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy student life and all it has to offer.

Student Accommodation providers are increasingly trying to develop and enhance their work play environments, providing greater balancing options for their students.